West Virginia Fiber Festival 

2015 Classes now open
Our Classes have limited space. 
Please call Judy Bannon 304 229 9729 to register. 
Classes that have space still available on the day of class will take walk in registrations at the information desk.


Understanding  Llama Fleece - Double, Single, Silky or Suri? Mini Course A
Instructor - Judy Ross of Good News Llamas

Luscious Llama – so what’s the big deal and why are there so  many types of llama fleece

This hands-on class will go over the different types of llama fleece and their distinct characteristics. You will be able to examine numerous samples of raw fleece which include double coat, single, silky and suri. There will be samples of each fleece type used in different applications including handspun yarn, knitted, felted and woven samples.  You will be able to see how each type of llama fleece is affected by the preparation and application used. Finished products will be available for you the see possible end uses for your own fleece. We will also talk about the various methods of dyeing and over dyeing llama fleece.

Class time - 90 minutes
Ages 13 and over
15 students maximum
cost $15.00 per student  
Saturday 2:30pm



Skirting,  Washing, Storing And Processing Fleece. Mini Course B

Instructor Judy Ross of  Good News Llamas


Don’t get fleeced – Tips, warnings and trade secrets for purchasing fleeces;  What to look for when purchasing a fleece. 

Skirting, processing and storing.   Helpful tips in storing your fleece to keep it useable and pest free. 

This hands-on class will help you have a better understanding what  to look for when selecting a fleece.  You will learn qualities to look for in a fleece for handspinning or other end use and skirting techniques. We will work with several fleeces on a skirting table so you can feel the differences and learn simple fleece evaluation.  We will discuss the choices for processing your fleece - mill vs. hand processing.   You will be able to pick up helpful tips in storing your fleece to keep it useable and pest free.  

Hands on demo using skirting table and drum carder.

Class time - 1 hour
Ages 13 and over
15 students maximum
cost $15.00 per student  
Sunday 11:30am


Using A Knitting Machine -Make a Head Band

Instructor- Jacquelyn Huff 


Knitting Machines have been around since the 1500’s. They have changed over the years and having one in your home is now a great way to create your own fashion items in a fraction of the time of hand knitting. Jacquelyn has been using knitting machines since 1974.

This is a one hour class, no experience needed, must be 16 yrs of age or older with only two people per class.

Fee is $15.00 each

You will complete one Head Band

Saturday Class 11:00am

Sunday Class 1:30pm



The Shepherd's Rug Mug Rug

Instructor: Ann Brown (The Shepherd's Rug)


Class Description: Make a colorful mug rug to keep or give as a gift. You will braid, sew and finish one mug rug and learn the skills needed to turn your own roving into a chair pad, round rug or oval rug at home.
Mug rug class:  Approx. 90 minutes. 

12 students per session.

min age 13. Younger participants must be accompanied by an adult. 

Basic braiding and sewing skills needed.  Cost $20.00 per student which includes supplies to make one mug rug.


Saturday Class 2:00pm

Sunday Class 11:30am 


Ann Brown is the co-author of "The Shepherd's Rug" She will be available all weekend to sign her book when you buy it at her both during the WV Fiber Festival


Needle Felted Flower

 Instructor-Debbie Rapp (The Holler Farm) 


Learn to make your own needle felted flower. In this class you will be creating a beautiful flower from hand dyed wool roving. Debbie will be teaching you different techniques to make your flower unique. You will gain the skills to create different flowers which can be used to accent hats, scarves, ponytail holders, purses and more.

The class will last approximately 1 1/2 hours.

The cost is $ 20 each which will include wool roving, felt disc, yarn and 2 felting needles. (You may bring some of your own colors of roving if you have a color that you want to make a flower from)

The minimum age is 16 unless accompanied by an adult.

There is a maximum of 10 participants in each class.


Saturday Class 10:00am


Sunday Class 2:00pm 


Beginning Drop Spindle Spinning

Instructor Susie Slider (Morgantown Fiber Guild)


Class Description-Learn to spin on a drop spindle. Upon completion students will know a bit about the history of spindle spinning, and how to tie on a leader, draft and hold fibers, add twists, wind on , join more fiber, and finish your yarn.
Students can bring a top-whorle (or bottom whorle) spindle or one will be available for use and to purchase if interested at the end of the class.

10 people per session -ages 12 and over per session- pre-registration is recommended

 $ 30.00 per person which includes fiber and handouts

ALL LEVELS of experience WELCOME.  

1 & 1/2 hours long


Saturday Class 1:00pm






Instructor-Susie Slider


You can spin on your drop spindle, but don’t know what else to do with the single ply yarn? The objective of this class is to give the student more techniques for spinning on a drop spindle. After completion the student will know to ply using several methods, spin woolen, worsted, and semi-worsted yarns, and how to use a hand held distaff.

Students should bring either a top-whorle (or bottom whorle) spindle with yarn already spun on it. Additional fiber and handouts will be supplied by instructor.

Cost for class, fiber and handouts $30.00

Class is aproximately 1-1/12 hours

LEVEL of experience- students should be able to spin a single ply yarn on their drop spindle.


Sunday Class 1:00pm


Needle Felting with Cookie Cutters-Instructor-Debbie Martzall-Farmer



Class Description-You will make a completed needle felted pin or magnet with a cookie cutter of your choice. This is an intermediate level class using felting needles. A minimum age of 16 is required for participants. It will be easier for you if you have had taken a beginner class at some point in needle felting or had some experience in needle felting.

     This is a one hour and 15 minute class that includes all supplies to complete a pin and/or magnet: feltings needle(s), foam, cookie cutter and wool.

     This is a fun experience! Please remember that the needles are sharp and will break if instructions are not followed in use with the cookie cutter – additional needles may be purchased during the class if breakage occurs.

     A variety of cookie cutters, felting supplies, felting kits and finished felted items for sale at her booth – “Hearts of the Meadow Farm”.

Class size- 12 participants

Cost $20.00


Saturday Class 12:00noon 

Sunday Class 12:30pm